APE Fitness is a multi gym.

We are multi-cultural, multi-gender, multi-generational, multi-functional.

We are committed to the notion that everyone is welcome regardless of gender, race or age. We are deeply committed to the notion of multi-functional training. We define this by making each of our classes follow a few simple but very important guidelines.

1- We work our bodies as safely as we possibly can. We believe in pushing ourselves very hard but always within the limits of what our bodies are capable of doing that particular day of training.

2- Each trainer believes in the simple notion that to teach is to do. We as teachers participate in as many classes as possible and we experiment and push ourselves outside of class time in order to better understand the limits of our bodies and what our own self-training will help us bring to the teaching process.

3- All training sessions must work as many muscle groups as possible and in as many directions as possible. We believe in a completely balanced program of training because our bodies are designed to move in as many planes of motion as possible.

4- All training sessions incorporate various forms of core strengthening. We believe that from our core muscles is born the beginning of true strength and future safety for our time in and out of the gym.

5- We dedicate a large portion of our training time to mobility and balance work. Mobility is the loosening and stabilization of the structures that surround our joints. We believe that the ability to move our bodies with ease and fluidity is the key to a healthy and pain free life.